Body Repair Whey Protein

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Discover our Premium Protein Powder, perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking optimal muscle growth and recovery.

This advanced supplement contains a rich blend of essential amino acids, including BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids), crucial for muscle building and rapid recovery after exercise.

Contains 1kg protein powder (30 grams per scoop / 33 servings)

Core benefits:

  1. Muscle Growth and Recovery: Enriched with BCAAs, our powder stimulates muscle protein synthesis, essential for muscle growth and recovery post-workout.

  2. Increased Endurance: Contains amino acids such as lysine and arginine that contribute to improved endurance and strength.

  3. Promotes Fat Burning: Supports a healthy metabolism, ideal for fat burning while maintaining muscle mass.

  4. Long Lasting Satiety: Helps you feel full for longer, which can lead to better weight management.

  5. Balanced Nutritional Value: Low in sugars and fats, with added fiber for good digestion.

Ideal for:

  • Athletes focused on muscle recovery and growth.
  • Individuals seeking a satisfying, high-protein diet.
  • Anyone who strives for a healthy lifestyle.

Try our Premium Protein Powder today and experience the benefits of an advanced, nutritious and effective supplement!