Organ mix (grass-fed cattle)


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Strengthen your well-being with our Organ Mix, a nutrient-rich blend of carefully selected organs from 100% grass-fed animals.

This unique formula combines the nutritional benefits of the heart, liver, kidney and other essential organs to provide a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Rich in vitamin A, B complex, iron, and zinc, our Organ Blend supports overall health, energy levels and vitality.

The mix is ​​designed for maximum bioavailability, so your body can get the most benefit from each capsule.

Whether you want to supplement your nutritional intake, increase your energy levels or strengthen your immune system, our Organ Mix is ​​the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle. Feed your body with the power of nature!

Contains 180 capsules per jar.

Recommended daily use

6 Capsules per day. Preferably something before the meal and spread throughout the day.

  1. Compound Quantity
    Heart Freeze Dried (Grass-fed Beef) 1500 mg
    Liver Freeze-dried (Grass-fed Cattle) 750 mg
    Kidney Freeze-dried (Grass-fed Cattle) 750 mg
    Categories Other
    Ingredients Freeze-dried liver granules, freeze-dried heart granules, freeze-dried kidney granules, gelatin (thickener - capsule shell)
    Allergy information This product contains no known allergens