A shake made with premium quality MCT powder.

Support your weight loss and stimulate the production of ketones with our premium quality fatshake. Our fatshake is designed with craft passion, unique in Europe and guarantees premium quality.

We have paid attention for a long time and with precision to develop the perfect formula for our fatshake. With an eye for taste and without adding sugar or artificial ingredients.

Nice and sweet and creamy

We use sweeteners that are safe during a keto or carbohydrate lifestyle. A delicious creamy meal shake that makes you easy by adding water or that you can process in your own recipes / dishes.

Not convinced yet? You can also bake with it!

On our website you will find recipes for different pastries and other delicacies made with our fatshake

So if you don't like shakes, you can always pick a creative recipe from our website!What do you think of coconut rots? Or a delicious mousse?

Even coconut currions are made!Our delicious fatshake is super very sided and works as the fuel for your keto lifestyle

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