Where does MCT help?

MCT powder is a dietary supplement that contains medium length triglycerides. (Medium chain triglycerides)

Popularity has grown rapidly in recent years, largely thanks to the many benefits it offers, including weight loss, increased metabolism, reduced risk of heart disease and more.

This guide for MCT powder describes what the powder is, how it can have a positive influence on your diet, how to consume it for maximum benefit and other useful information.

MCT powder helps with the following:

  • Faster fat loss
  • A feeling
  • Suppress the appetite
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Increasing cognitive performance
  • Reducing cholesterol

To fully understand what MCT powder is, we must first define the abbreviation MCT.

MCT stands for medium chains triglycerides. (Medium ChainTriglycerides)

Triglycerides generally form the majority of the fats that we eat. Within these fats, all triglycerides contain fatty acids, three main types of which are: fatty acids with long chains (LCFAs), fatty acids with medium chains (MCFAs) and fatty acids with short chains (SCFAs). The chain length refers to the number of carbon atoms in each of the fatty acids.

Most oils and oil products that you use to, for example, make stir-fry and salad dressings (eg olive oil), are triglycerides with a longer chain, which means that they have the largest number of carbon atoms in their fatty acids.

On the other hand, triglycerides with medium chains (MCTs) have (you guessed the already) an average number of carbon atoms - between six and twelve to be precise.

Following a keto diet and taking MCTs, will bring your body into ketosis, which in turn will help you burn fat faster.

MCT powder or MCT oil

Both MCT oil powder (MCT powder) and MCT oil offer important advantages, as described above.

Only because it is different types of fabrics, that does not mean that one or the other is better.

Choosing between the two is therefore really down how you intend to use them.

For example, if you hold more of smoothies than salads and more of nut paste than from notes, MCT powder from keto balance is probably the better choice for you.

MCT powder is super handy and easy to carry for a quick lunch or snack on the road.

On the other hand, MCTs are such a favorable total supplement for most lifestyles that it can never hurt to have both MCT powder and MCT oil in the kitchen.


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