What does the product look like and what do you add it?

Our MCT FAT-shake comes in powder form and has a delicious banana taste. It easily solves in your shake cup with water, or your favorite recipes.

"How often and how much do you use the FAT-shake from keto balance"

JetE can take the FAT shake daily, or at times when you are hungry. If MCT is new for you, start drinking calmly so that your intestines can get used to. 1 Put water or carbohydrate milk in 250 milliliters.

"At what times can you use extra MCT?"

  • Use it as a meal shake for targeted energy, deeper ketosis and saturation. Add a scoop to your favorite drink or recipe.
  • It has been shown that MCT supports the neurological function and to promote mental clarity and sharpness.
  • Take our fat shake to come to your macros for the day.
  • Set it up for optimum health for your body.
  • During fasting. Our product contains MCT powder and virtually no carbohydrates. So fix yourself for weight loss, the shake can support you.
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