"What is" keto-flu "and how long will I have it?"

During the ketogenic diet, people get flu-like symptoms so that people often think that ketosis is not good for our body.

These symptoms include headache, dizzy, spivetable, irritability and just a general sense of 'not good in your skin'. This is called the keto flu.

Keto-flu has a number of causes, including
Adjust to ketosis. Although our body is designed to switch from ketosis to glycolysis, it is not always an easy transition.

Drastically reducing your carbohydrates intake (sugar) can cause flu / withdrawal symptoms. Try it until the uncontrollable draft decreases or just reduce your carbohydrate intake slightly less quickly.

Finally, the most common reason for the flu: a shortage of electrolytes. Most people quickly lose water weight when they come in ketosis. Together with that water you flush electrolytes from your body.

Combined with the fact that people with a ketogenic diet need more sodium, it means very easy to not get enough and experience flu. Do not assume that only more salts of your food is sufficient.

Please note that symptoms of the "keto flu" can occur at any time at a ketogenic diet. The flu can almost always avoid if you stay hydrated and supplement your electrolytes sufficiently.
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