Beef heart (grass-fed cattle)


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Discover the power of nature with our high-quality grass-fed Beef Heart supplement! This extraordinary nutritional product is made from carefully selected grass-fed beef heart and provides an abundance of health benefits for an active and energetic lifestyle.

Why choose our Grass-Fed Beef Heart Supplement?

  1. Pure Natural Power: Our grass-fed Beef Heart supplement comes from cattle that have grazed freely in the pastures. This means that the meat is of the highest possible quality, with minimal exposure to artificial substances. It is a natural source of nutrients.

  2. Rich in Nutrients: Beef heart is an excellent source of essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin B12, coenzyme Q10, iron, zinc and selenium, which contribute to a healthy immune system, energy production and the maintenance of a healthy heart.

  3. Heart Health: Eating beef heart can help maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It is also rich in coenzyme Q10, which is essential for strong and efficient heart function.

  4. Energy and Endurance: The nutrients in our grass-fed Beef Heart supplement support increased energy production and endurance, which is perfect for active people and athletes.

  5. Easy to Use: Our Beef Heart supplement is available in convenient capsules, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine. No hassle with cooking or preparation, just the benefits of grass-fed beef heart in one simple step.

  6. GMO Free and Gluten Free: We strive for the highest quality standards and guarantee that our product is free from genetically modified ingredients and gluten, so you can enjoy the benefits with peace of mind.

Choose the natural power of our Grass-Fed Beef Heart supplement and support your overall well-being, heart health and energy levels. Add it to your daily routine and experience the benefits of nature in its purest form. Order today and give your body the nutritional support it deserves!

Contains 180 capsules per jar.


Composition per daily dose (6 Capsules)
Ingredient Quantity RI * Connection
Heart Dried 2100 mg Grass-fed Cattle
Air Dried 900 mg Grass-fed Cattle
*) Reference Intake.
Category:Other.Ingredients:Freeze-dried heart granules, freeze-dried liver granules, gelatin (thickener - capsule shell).Allergy information:This product contains no known allergens.