Beef Jerky 50G (2 flavors)


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Beef jerky is 50g lean beef steaks, thinly sliced, seasoned and oven dried.  

This makes the steaks a convenient, tasty protein snack that is easy to take anywhere, because it is stored out of the refrigerator.

Beef Jerky is low in fat and carbohydrates, very high in protein.

To keep Beef Jerky from being tough, many brands add extra sugar to Beef Jerky. 20g of sugar in a pack of 50g beef jerky is therefore not rare.

In addition, there are often E numbers on so-called "meat softeners". For Dutch Giant, the trick when developing it was to counteract these two and still make it taste great.

This is successful! 

With our Beef Jerky everything has been brought into a nice balance. The percentage of protein is high, carbohydrates minimized for keto and carnivore, no addition of e-numbers and yet the tastiest Beef Jerky ever.

Nutritional value per 50 grams

Beef Jerky Original (Athlete) kcal: 144 khd: 0.5 protein: 30.2 vet: 2.3 salt: 2.4

Beef Jerky Peppered (Athlete) kcal: 120 khd: 0.8 protein: 26.3 vet: 1.3 salt:1.76

Allergens from Original: may contain traces of soy beans, celery, mustard or nuts.
Ingredients of Orignal: Beef 90.59%, onion 2.8%, salt, various spices, fructose.

Peppered Allergens: May contain traces of soybeans, celery, mustard or nuts.
Ingredients of Peppered: Beef 89.94%, onion 2.78%, salt, pepper 0.9%, various spices, fructose, ginger.