Waarom zijn ketonen een betere hersenbrandstof?

Why are ketones a better brain fuel?

Sep 28, 2020Jasper Maalderink
It is now common knowledge that ketone bodies are a better fuel for the brain than glucose.

Be warned, the rest of this piece becomes a bit technical. But at keto balance we appreciate your intelligence and confidence that you enter into the challenge.

Let's start with the larger picture.

Imagine your brain cells are cars. Brain cells that work on glucose are like a petrol greeting Hummer. They are awkward, inefficient and cause a lot of pollution.

Brain cells that work on ketones, on the other hand, are like the new Tesla. They are faster, more efficient and produce very little pollution.

Brain cells on glucose are therefore slow and dirty heads, while brain cells on ketones are fast and clean teslas.

The car motor of our brain cells is called "mitochondria". Mitochondria convert glucose and ketones into energy. How they do that is difficult, but it is about converting the energy stored in the chemical bonds of glucose and ketone molecules in "high-powered electron particles".

Let us imagine these high-energy electron particles, as bowling balls that are on top of a staircase.

To produce energy, your mitochondria roll the electron (bowling ball) the stairs. Each bump releases energy that your brain cells can use to do work.

You can see the amount of noise produced at every "crash, crash, crash" as the amount of energy that your brain gets from every electron particle.

If your brain use glucose, the stairs are short and the stairs of wood. As a result, there are fewer "crashes", less energy is produced and the wooden stairs are damaged.

However, when your brain use ketones, the stairs get longer and the staircase turns into stainless steel.

That is why more energy is produced if the high-energy electron bowling balls made from ketones are more stairs down.

In addition, the stairs are now stronger and resistant to damage.

Pff! I know that is a lot!

If you didn't follow it, try to exchange your Hummer for a Tesla.

And if you need a keto charging gate for your Tesla brain, then ours ketoneGreat start to start with.

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