Waarom zijn eiwitten zo belangrijk voor gewichtsverlies?

Why are proteins so important for weight loss?

Mar 13, 2021Jasper Maalderink
Studies show that proteins are the most satiating, while Carbohydrates are the least saturated macronutrients. In other words, if you eat enough protein, you are less hungry and you eat fewer calories. That is why it is crucial to eat sufficient proteins if you want to lose fat.

Proteins have also shown that it increases energy consumption.

This means that by following a protein-rich diet, more calories burns.

This metabolic advantage is not significant (about 100 kcal per day) but everything has finally counted.

Another way to burn more calories is by building muscle mass.

Protein is the most important macro for maintaining and structure muscle tissue, especially for physically active persons.

More muscles burn more calories and raise something your basic metabolism. This means that even in peace you burn a little more calories.
"... While proteins increases insulin secretion, the increase in glucagon that occurs at the same time, softened, the fat-forming effect of insulin."

How many proteins is sufficient?

The amount of proteins you need can be determined by your body weight and activity level.

This means that people who are physically active are higher protein needs than people with a sitting lifestyle.

A more accurate estimate, especially for people with a high body fat, can be achieved by calculating the protein intake from your "Lean Body Mass", which is calculated as the total body weight minus body fat.

There are other factors, such as gender or age, which can influence the protein intake, but these are less important.

Eating sufficient proteins is important for maintaining and building muscle mass, while eating excessive amounts of proteins are likely to be able to lower your ketone values.

Although it is true that a considerable excess of proteins can disrupt ketosis, you don't have to worry about a few extra grams of proteins.

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