Misconceptions about cholesterol and why sugar is so dangerous.

In this blog I explain to you some "bad cholesterol" and how this can be dangerous in combination with carbohydrates and sugar.

Lipoproteins with low density "(LDL) is often called" bad cholesterol ". This is incorrect for two reasons.

First, LDL is no cholesterol but a cholesterol carrier particle.

Secondly, there are different types of LDL. In general
isLarge LDL well and only smaller LDL is poor (causes heart disease).

LDL levels

If you eat a carbohydrate diet and burn fat as fuel, your liver sends more 'LDL boats' to provide your muscles of fat.

The empty LDL boats return to the liver to construct, supplement and go back to work.

If you eat too many carbohydrates, it is like filling your bloodstream with 'sugar clocks'.

The LDL boats collide against these sugar clips and are damaged in a process classified as glycation. (Gerycation in turn makes LDL boats more vulnerable to another harmful chemical process, called oxidation.)

Once damaged by the sugar clips, the LDL boats cannot return to the liver and accumulate in your bloodstream.

Eventually they shrink and sink them to the walls of your veins and they develop veinclosking and this is serious.

Then there is "
Lipoproteins with high density"(HDL). Often called 'good' cholesterol (although LDL and HDL itself are no cholesterol), HDL is as a 'rescue submission' that rescues charging from sinking LDL, got up bloodstream and protects your bloodstream and protects against heart disease (*).

Not all LDL cholesterol is bad. It is a small dense LDL, and in particular small, dense and oxidized LDL, which is dangerous to your heart.

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