Hoe blijf je gemotiveerd tijdens een plateau?

How do you stay motivated during a plateau?

Dec 05, 2020Jasper Maalderink

If you followed a keto diet to lose weight, it can be difficult if you have reached a temporary plateau.

If you want to lose a significant amount of weight, but scales for a while is not dropped, it can look at the success stories of others and seeing before and after pictures are downright daunting.

Whether you keto now used only for fat loss or as a form of medical therapy, it is not a quick fix. You have to sit there for the long term.

You've learned all about common keto-foods and weight loss mistakes, but how do you stay motivated during a plateau?


These are 6 tips to stay focused to help you during a weighing platform.

1. Low Carbohydrate life as a lifestyle, not diet

Keto is no magic solution for weight loss from one day to another. For those who just want to lose a few kilos, it can happen quickly, but if you want to lose a lot, you have long-term stay.

Think about when you go to a place which runs hundreds or even a few thousand kilometers away.

On such a long journey things will slow you down or distract you a bit of the track. Some things you expect and plan as stop going to the toilet, gas tanks and stretch your legs.

There are other things you do not expect, such as road construction or an accident stops things. None of these breaks or delays, means that your destination is not reached. You're on the move; you're just a stop.

Plateaus are normal during weight loss. Rarely achieved one important goal throughout the road smooth sailing. More often there are bumps and hiccups here and there - like a detour that takes you a little out of the way during a long drive - to arrive but these are not permanent detours you deter your final destination.

2. Enter the "plateaus" another definition

Evaluate your progress not only on the scales. It is not unusual for changes in body size and shape, even if does not change the weight of the scale. This means that your size (and your clothing size) may change, even if your weight is not much or not at all reduced.

Most people think they need to lose weight as they do an intense workout (say 90 minutes circuit training in the gym).

And indeed, if you are considering before and immediately after a workout, the scale goes down because of sweating and weight loss through water.

However, if you get the next day muscle pain, you should not be surprised if the scale goes up. That's because muscle pain indicates that your muscles are temporarily inflamed, and inflammation causes fluid retention and swelling in the muscle.

Again, let the scales do not make you crazy.

3. Respect the complexity of your body

If you're at a plateau - or even if you're not - it's not the best idea to get on the scale every day. If you have a healthy emotional relationship with the number that you see, whether up, down or the same, then it is okay to weigh yourself every day.

Generally, however, I recommend not to.

Too many of us let that number - that's just the force of gravity of the earth in our physical body - determine our mood for the day, and tell us if we are good, decent, good people or not. If your scale weight will play these games with you, do not insist.

 4. Focusing on the other advantages of keto

If you feel frustrated and disappointed because the scale does not go down, you focus on the other benefits of keto.

Is your mood better? How is your skin? Your energy or joint pain? If you are a woman, your cycle is better?

Women and Men - How's your libido? If you measure your blood sugar, is it within a healthy range? These are all good draws!

If you stay in ketosis, your body undergoes internal positive changes, even if your weight does not change. Keto is beneficial for so many things, even with people who have no obesity and have never had. The short list contains:

  • migraine
  • Gord
  • epilepsy
  • Pcos
  • gout
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Alzheimer's disease and more

People who do keto usually report a better energy level, sharper thinking and the ability to go through many hours between meals without feeling pleasing, irritable or light.

In addition to those subjective and self-reported effects of a ketogenic diet, there are measurable biomarkers that clearly improve by eating in this way, even if someone does not lose us.

5. Do not compare yourself with others

This is quite a task, but don't attempt to compare your keto trip with someone else. Social media are full of seemingly wonderful stories about weight loss and transformation photos. Use these success stories such as motivation and encouragement, not as a punishment.

Use them as proof that if someone else can undergo a dramatic transformation, you can, but understand that that person is not. You are a unique individual, with your own specific carbohydrate tolerance and insulin sensitivity, metabolism, genetics and medical history. You are in the process of your own transformation and it will not look exactly the same as someone else.

6. Create a non-weight-related goal

If you feel frustrated by slow or not lose weight, strive for a new personal record to another part of your life.

If you walk or run, go beyond or faster than in the past. If you raise weights, decrease yourself for a new personal record or work to do pull-ups without help.

If you are not athlete, consider starting to start a new hobby or to participate in a new activity. Others help is a way to derive your thoughts from what you see if your own 'problems' or struggles. Others are of service is something you can do in any format or weight.

Whatever your goal is, you absolutely take him!

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