Het ketogene dieet verhoogt de levensduur en de gezondheid van muizen

The ketogenic diet increases the life and health of mice

Jan 28, 2021Jasper Maalderink
In addition to being an effective way to lose your body fat, to cure diabetes and possibly treat other chronic diseases, such as dementia, the question remains: the ketogenic diet is really good for the health of the average person in the long term ?

The short answer is that we don't really know because no one has done a long-term controlled study in people. Some information about animals published in one of the world's most prestigious scientific journals, Cell metabolism, however, suggest that this might be like that!

In this study, normal healthy adult mice were split into three diet groups. One group ate a control diet with mouse food with moderate carbohydrates, another group ate a diet with few carbohydrates but not entirely ketogenic, and the third at a good ketogenic diet.

It is important that all three diets contain as many calories, so calorie restriction had no influence on experimental results. Special to be called that the ketogenic diet group not only lived the longest (their median lifespan was 13.6% longer than the control mice) but also the best physical strength and cognitive skills kept up to old age!

The scientist also did biochemical tests on the mice to try to find a number of mechanisms that underlie this data, and discovered some interesting changes in DNA markers (DNA acetylation) and enzyme activity levels (including Mtor) that were consistent with the Results in the field of lifespan and health.

Although this data should be carefully viewed and to be taken with a grain of salt because mice are not people, they are at least consistent with the idea that the ketogenic diet could be a generally positive lifestyle choice, even for healthy people.

- Jasper

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