Coronavirus: wat weten we over de rol van ketonen?

Coronavirus: what do we know about the role of ketones?

Jan 05, 2021Jasper Maalderink

It is March 2020 and the world is flooded with confusion (and toilet paper).

Now that COVID-19 pandemic progresses so quickly and the flood of so-called advice is on your news feed, it is difficult to know what advice is useful and what advice is not.

Potting toilet paper and drinking liters orange juice (hoping that the lean vitamin C content will reinforce immune function and protect you against virus) will certainly not save lives.

In fact, a good number of people now experience weight gain due to the fact that they are locked in without access to gyms and the proximity of refrigerators

We do not criticize the responsible choice to stay at home and to prevent spread, but what we say is that it is now, more than ever, to be aware of our health choices so that we do not harm our overall health.

With this we prevent problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease are exacerbated, and moreover our immune system is affected.

As experts in ketogenic food, we thought here at keto balance that it was useful to share information about the possible relationship between ketogenic diets and COVID-19.

Ketones may possibly protect against COVID-19 at least two ways.

First, during a study on mice, she was published in Science Immunology last December, which protects a ketogenic diet mice against a flu virus, which resembles the cousin of COVID-19.

The mechanism with which the ketogenic diet protected the mice is the same mechanism that protects infants against the flu (*).

Because we know that babies are also protected against Covid-19, although we are not sure why, it is possible that they are the ketones of the babies that protect them.

Secondly, it is important to note that it is not the COVID-19 virus that people kills, it is the body's response to the virus.

When the body is overwhelmed (more likely to elderly and people with weaker health), it reacts too strongly with what is known as a "cytokinestorm".

This is a great way to say that the body gives tons of inflammatory solvents that can lead to "acute respiratory distress syndrome" (ARDS) in COVID-19, the need for respiratory support and ultimately death.

Ketones is known to be powerful anti-inflammatory drugs by increasing the levels of an important molecule called Nadph, inhibit NLRP3 inflammasom and other mechanisms.

Therefore, ketones can protect against the cytokine standard that leads to death in serious cases of COVID-19.

At present, the relationship between ketones and COVID-19 is still the subject of speculation, although researchers are working hard to change that.

However, it is remarkable that there are countless clinical reports of people (including the elderly and people with chronic diseases) that are in ketosis and showed mild respiratory symptoms - running noses, sore throat and mild cough - as well as other COVID -19-associated symptoms - for example diarrhea - but who are further correct.

Is it possible that they are infected and that their diet weaken the impact of the virus? Perhaps.

In any case, we would say that you are better off to eat healthy than drink orange juice while you are hidden in your fort, made of toilet paper.

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