Beschermen ketonen tegen Alzheimer?

Protect ketones against Alzheimer's?

Sep 29, 2020Jasper Maalderink

Ketones promote "network stability" in the brain to possibly protect against Alzheimer's disease

On 3 March 2020 a two-part study became Published in the PNAs magazine, in which two major discoveries were documented:

A new way to measure brain aging based on something called 'network stability'.

A way to increase the 'network stability' and therefore to slow the brain aging and reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease
What is network stability?

Network stability is a power of the brain to communicate between regions.

You can see the human brain as a team in which collaboration is the key to get the thinking well done. Greater network stability indicates more effective teamwork and therefore in a healthier and more efficient brain function.

To determine decreasing network stability as a new way to measure brain aging, the scientists behind this study FMRIs (brain scan videos) of 928 people and compared their network stability scores with their age in years.

They discovered that older people had on average lower network stability scores and that lower network stability scores predicted worse performance on cognitive tests.

That is why the scientists concluded that decreasing network stability is a marker for brain aging and cognitive decline.

Can the improvement of network stability delay the brain aging?

If the problem is that aging leads to a decrease in network stability and cognitive functions, what is the solution? In other words, how do we increase network stability and, in expansion, delay brain aging?

In the second part of this study, researchers took healthy adults and sizes to their network stability scores under five different circumstances:

  • If they had nothing had eaten (control)
  • When they ate a standard Western diet
  • If they ate a fat-rich, carbohydrate ketogenic diet
  • after a sugar drink
  • After a drink with ketones

They discovered that, compared to the control, the Western diet and the sugar theater reduced network stability. In an alarming contrast, the ketogenic diet and the ketone drink Network stability even!

It was not agree that the two western dietary and sugar drinks and the two ketogenic dietary and keton drinks only had similar effects on the network stability of different sizes - they had completely opposite effects!

These results suggest that Western diets and sugar can accelerate brain aging, while ketogenic diets and ketones can delay the aging of the brain.

Although long-term studies will be required to determine whether long-term consumption of a ketogenic diet and / or ketons supplements really protects against brain aging and improves Alzheimer's disease and improving cognitive function, based on this data, make the best chance to close These results come when you reduce the carbohydrates.

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